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NWDC Hosts Advanced Warfighting Summit

by Navy Warfare Development Command Public Affairs
04 November 2016 The Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) concluded its semi-annual Warfighting Development Center (WDC) Leadership Huddle and Advanced Warfighting Summit events Nov. 2.

The Leadership Huddle brought together commanders of the Navy's WDCs to identify military problems or opportunities for capability development Nov. 1.

"While previous Leadership Huddles focused on the Pacific Command area of operations, the focus this week was maritime command and control (C2) and C2 challenges in the European Command area of operations," said Capt. Jim Loper, NWDC Operations Department head. "Attendees explored current and future concepts, warfighting concepts of operations, and doctrine through the framework of a tabletop wargame."

The next day, carrier strike group and expeditionary strike group commanders joined the group for the Advanced Warfighting Summit to discuss progress made in advanced warfighting in the last year, and to plan for near-term future efforts for wargaming, modeling and simulation, experimentation, and doctrine/tactics, techniques and procedures development.

"The WDC Leadership Huddle and Advanced Warfighting Summit are unique opportunities to bring together flag leadership to identify today's warfighting challenges, and to align force development, force generation, and force employment efforts to deliver solutions to the fleet," said Loper.

NWDC is the proponent for advanced, cross domain warfighting capability development and serves as the WDC for the Operational Level of War.

NWDC develops and integrates innovative solutions to complex naval warfare challenges to enhance current and future warfighting capabilities.

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